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amnesty (immigration related)

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The United States has been dealing with two major issues for a long time, immigration and amnesty. They are the main headline topics, and most politicians use it as a great subject matter for their debates. Many have a say in how they think the state government should handle the matter.
Amnesty is a decision that is made so that a set of individuals won’t be penalized or that some convicts will be released. Only the immigrants who have lived in the states for a period and their families are granted citizenship by the US amnesty policy. Immigration is a very important matter to the United States and its history. The United States has at all times permitted immigrants to come into the nation, and its policy is the most accommodative. Immigration laws were passed from the time of the civil war.
Dianne Feinstein speech in support of the comprehensive immigration reform, talks of two bills that the Senate has to take a vote on, the leaders bill that deals with implementation at the border and the judiciary committee bill which will be presented to the Senate for more discussion and amendment. The Congress has to think about today’s immigration world before approving any legislation. Federal agencies have failed since they are in charge of offering protection at the borders, and the administration of immigration services currently and the state is left to deal with this failure. The seed of the current immigration laws is the employe…

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