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America’s involvement in imperialism

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America’s involvement in imperialism

Category: Analysis Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: High School

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America’s involvement in imperialism
Empire building is a form of advocacy whereby nations engage in activities aimed at conquering and growing their territories to other countries to acquire more wealth and resources from such conquered states. The United States of America has over the past centuries engaged in political and economic warfare to win authority of other nations in the world.
Global competition
In 1880’s American leaders advised the United States government to establish empires in other parts of the world. The United States been a stable country that had amassed a lot of wealth through not involving in World War 1, it was best suited to engage in empire building. Alfred T. Mahan of the U.S. Navy advised that the United States should engage in military conquest to seize more economic power through expanding their markets and acquire more minerals for their industries (Imperialism 342). For instance, America acquired Alaska to exploit the mineral resources in the state. United States firms produced more than the citizens consumed due to advances in technology. Therefore the need to seek and conquer more markets to sell the excess produce.
Belief in cultural superiority
Imperialist moves also serve to quench the United States desire expose their superiority by defeating their enemies. The desire and interest in overseeing activities aim at spreading United States culture and civilization. Americans believe that it’s their responsibility to spread Christianity to less civilized nations (Imperialism 341). The United States has maintained active involvement in foreign influence in other countries in expanding its interests. The majority of world policy decisions relating to trade, military conduct and exploration of mineral resources in the world are influenced by United States of America’s ideologies. Its imperialist nature enables America to exercise control over other states in the world.
Work cited
‘One American’s Story Imperialism and America’. Alternative West High School. Web. 26 Oct. 340-45. 2015.

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