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American nation from a centralized to a polarized country

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American nation from a centralized to a polarized country

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: History

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America has Changed Centralized Nation to a Polarized Country
Part One: Introduction
America has moved from a centralized nation to a country polarized with divisive politics. Today, Americans are trapped in cycles of unending political schism. The patterns of voting in the US Congress tell it all. The two major political parties in the Congress have pulled apart to extents never witnessed in the U.S. before. Moreover, the constant partisan positioning among voters also sends a clear picture of an extremely polarized country. The discontentment and split in the U.S. electorate have hit historic levels of divisiveness. According to Sides and Hopkins, the main reason why polarization has taken root in the U.S. is that political conflicts in America have consistently increased over the past three decades and have been based on partisanism (p.38). The Republicans and the Democrats rise against each other. Accordingly, issues that were initially non-ideological or non-partisan have become bigoted issues today (Sides & Hopkins 22). Look at the contradicting policies propositions revolving around taxes, economy, abortion, the death penalty, climate change, energy, immigration and security, healthcare, euthanasia, and the rest. Virtually every policy proposition has been marred with the maw of the prejudiced steeplechase, leaving nearly zero chance for cross-partisan cooperation in America.
Part Two: Concrete Analysis of Liberals and Conserv…

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