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America was built on the backs of Slaves

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America was built on the backs of Slaves
The assertion that America was built on the backs of slaves has been a contentious issue for long. While some people believe that the development of America was because of the contribution of all races, others continue to state that the slaves did most work. They believe that America experienced rapid growth during the time when slavery flourished in the country. This assertion has some grounds because America was a prosperous nation at that time. It was a force to reckon with because of the many exports the country sold to other countries, including the Great Britain. Cotton and tobacco were the major exports by America, which was the largest producer of the two throughout the nineteenth century. The major reason for the rapid economic growth was because slavery allowed the whites to reduce the expenses used. Some economists that believe that only a few individuals in America gained from slavery and the others, including the entire country, did not benefit much. They argue that the country lacked important institutions that would have facilitated influential economic growth. This paper aims to elucidate whether the assertion that America was built on the backs of slaves or not.
Slavery did not lead to economic development
Slavery started in America in the 17th century when Dutch settler started to bring Africans to America to work in farms. Many whites deemed it necessary to have people to hoe and weed the…

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