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America is the most incarcerated country in the developed world. what is the best alternative to jail for petty crimes that lock people up for ten or More years?

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Community Service Is The Best Alternative To Jail For Petty Crimes.
The increase in urbanization and rapid growth in research, as well as the development of the great American economy, has led to increasing crime rate. Again the total population of the prison facilities also keep on growing at an alarming rate (The Economist). Statistics has it that America is the leading in inmate population globally and also has the second largest per capita incarceration rate behind Seychelles; this is to say that the cost of holding criminals behind the bars is also high. Jail in America has become the warehouse for the poor, the mentally unstable and those with major drug addictions (The New York Times). People have been detained for minor violations such as the shoplifting and driving with a fake license. There is a need to derive the best alternative to jail for petty crimes to curb the increasing economic effect of the prison population. The European Court of Human Rights has also ruled out the laws of the life without parole that gets imposed on the less-violent sentences. They have argued that this practice violates the human rights.
My essay will support the fact that community service is the best alternative to jail for petty crimes that lock people up for ten or more years. Such is because the community service impacts the criminals with the responsibility and required social ethics. Additionally, it will allow…

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