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America after the Second World War

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America after the Second World War

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Level: High School

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The emergence of science and technology in the 1950s brought about diverse changes in the culture and life of most US citizens. As much as new technological advancements generated home improvements, it also brought about new nuclear developments that were seen as destructive. This brought about tension and anxiety among the people since it was an era followed after the Second World War.
Science technology led to excessive spending among the American people (Heidenreich 371). This was due to the introduction of new technologies like the computer and the television. Most households owned television sets and this enabled them to get messages of consumerism and conformity from the government. It is estimated that this period saw 60 million cars being bought around the region leading to a comfortable life among the citizens.
The period saw an increase in the number of gas stations, motels, fast food restaurants and suburbs (Williamson 304). Life became easy among the citizens as they could travel from one place to another easily. Easy accessibility of different regions saw an increase in the number of jobs and opportunities around the cities.
Increased prosperity led to the desire of individuals to start families earlier with the aim of having more children. The introduction of new treatment methods led to reduced infant mortality rates and high life expectancy. The population grew rapidly from 150 million to around 180 million.
In conclusion, the American way of life changed rapi…

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