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Free Speech Presentation

Free Speech Presentation. Name: Institution: Free Speech Presantation Americans believe in free speech in theory, but not always in practice. Many would like to see controversy limited, and the Bill of Rights tailored to the times and the occasion. (Ersinke, 1970).Controversies in Media is common scenarios that we encounter in our day to day lives. Hate speech, insecurity issues and freedom of speech and expression are but some of the factors that have led to media being juxtaposition and this have eventually violated free speech. One of the most common controversies was in the wake of 1990s in Westboro church based in Kansas City. The church is known for picketing military funerals in a bid...


Genetics Every living creature does one thing is a similar way: In order to multiply and increase, it reproduces more of itself by copying its manual of molecular instruction-the genes- and this passes the information to its offspring. Ever since the beginning of life, this has been happening to all creatures. However, a question such as one person looks different from their relatives and develops in diverse ways of getting acquainted with the world. Over the last century, scientists have tried to find out the possible answers to such and many questions. They started their research being assisted by the science of genetics. It is possible that the first thing a person will think of when hereditary...

Describe a memorable day in your life

The Best Day of my Life I remember when I was seven years old, we had recently moved and I had been feeling quite lonely. Since I had no friends, I asked my parents to get me a pet. Someone to play with and call a friend. One day, I returned from school, tired and mad because my new classmates were not what I had expected and found a handwritten note from my mom. It said "Go to your room, you have company." I was shocked; I did not have any friend, why and how would I have company. I was confused. The writing looked like my mom's, but what if it was not her? What if this all was a trap and my family got kidnapped? I took a broom from the kitchen and prepared to fight the assailants. My heart...

How the internet has changed/influenced interpersonal communication

Name: Professor: Course: Date: Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u 1.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc435692429 h 11.2 The internet and Interpersonal Communication PAGEREF _Toc435692430 h 31.3 Impacts of Internet use in interpersonal communication PAGEREF _Toc435692431 h 81.4 The Future of Interpersonal Communication PAGEREF _Toc435692432 h 111.5 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc435692433 h 121.6 Works Cited PAGEREF _Toc435692434 h 13 How the internet has changed/influenced interpersonal communication1.1 Introduction Communication has become like a ball that is bouncing due to the emergence of the internet and improved technology. This is regarding how interpersonal communication has changed over time....

Benefits of yoga for children

Name of Student Name of University Subject Code 14 April 2015 Benefits of Yoga for Children INTRODUCTION In today’s world everyone and everything seems so fast paced and stressed, even the kids are not untouched by the present situation. Stressed out, under nourished, and leading a sedentary life are among the various characteristics that describes a “typical child” 1. Hence, a method of medication that hits both the physical and the psychosocial sphere of children are required. According to the study of Parshad2, our mind and body are associated intimately. Relaxation of the mind can be felt in the muscles of the body, which would also appear relaxed. A state of physical and mental...

Danish Folks School

Student’s Name University Affiliation Date The Danish folk high schools are committed to offering non-formal education to adults. The age brackets for the students are between 18 and 24 years. This education is offered for four months. There are other services that are rendered to the students. The services include accommodation, catering and library. However, the students can also be given spare time at the school. A hilarious aspect of these schools is that one can just matriculate without any academic requirement (Whisnant, 2005). In the same vein, there are no exams and this encourages most folks to join them. If the exams could be there then most adults could have avoided matriculating...


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Types of Government: A Republic A republic system of government is one in which power is vested in elected individuals who represent the citizenry. While a republic is may be confused with democracy, it is a form of representative democracy. This is because it is the people who elect their representatives, who then go on to make and enforce laws on their behalf. In simple language, rather than people going to the ballot to vote directly for what they want to do, they instead vote for representatives who decide on their behalf. However, the sovereignty of a nation lies with the people. A republic is characterized by the rule of law which is governed by the...

How does passion play a part in success

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: How Passion Play a Part in SuccessPassion refers to the strong interest in pursuing a certain objective such as a hobby or a specific activity (Vallerand, 7). In the modern day world, many successful people have pinpointed towards success as the most powerful attribute that can drive a person towards success. Many people, especially the youths within our societies have asked whether being passionate in life can bring success to a person. In most inspirational forums that have occurred recently, many people have asked about the secrets of being successful in life. However, most speakers have always provided one common answer, “Love your work.” This shows how...

Struggles of single motherhood

Struggles of Single Motherhood Theresa Woghiren Esso ENG/147 September 14, 2015 Health Care The Challenges and Rewards of Single Motherhood Thesis statement: Single mothers face many social and economic challenges because of low income, lack of financial support from spouse and emotional pain on the children and family. Ahmad Fawzia tells the tale of her struggles as she raised her son and daughter all alone and at the end of her article, she claims to be a single mother who got ahead because she found a way to make her emotions her stronghold. Her experiences are similar to those experienced by other single mothers everywhere. As such, there are various collective emotional struggles...