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Air travel with service animal. When do customers abuse the emmotional support title

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Service Animals Regulations Abuse

Service Animals Regulations Abuse
Service animals are animals that that help people with disabilities by providing emotional support or physical support. When walking around an airport, it is common to see people with animals boarding the planes, claiming them to be service animals. It is common to wonder what kind of emotional support that the service animal offers in some cases (Bergen, 2011). They look more like pets than service animals. The essay is about the abuse of the animal service right when it comes to air travel. The essay is about how people often take advantage of the disabilities act law and to not log their pets in the carriers list.
There are plenty of people with medical and the psychological disabilities need for service dogs or other emotional support animals. Having the service dogs wear vests makes things easier when getting the animals into places where there are buildings where pets are not allowed. However, with the current system, controlling the service animals is filled with abuse.
There are three different sets of federal statutes that defend the individuals with disabilities that need service animals: the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Air Carrier Access Act and Fair Housing Act. The division of the responsibilities resulted in the bewildering array of the confusing and conflicting regulations.
The ADA governs the access of public places and business enterprises. Th…

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