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Against the Death penalty

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Capital punishment has not ceased to be the center of the debate for many decades. This contentious issue has raised arguments for and against capital punishment and its possibility in deterring crime. Being prevalent in the history of many nations, this form of punishment has come to be abolished from the justice systems of many contemporary countries. However, some authorities have upheld this technique in their constitutions due to various reasons. Advocates for this form of punishment in the U.S have continually argued that this method comes handy in serious crimes like homicide that is on the rise and would possibly work to discourage murder in crime-prone areas. Besides, many analysts think that it would serve to protect the lives of many innocent souls in society. However, a careful analysis of the details and statistics of the death penalty reveals a different story. The retributive nature of this form of punishment has come under sharp criticism (Murphy). Critics argue that retribution in the case of murder is obsolete. In essence, it is questionable to teach against the evils of murder while killing such offenders. Capital punishment seems to have taken a double standard kind of approach in administering justice. The costs for this form of justice have proved to be overwhelming as compared to other forms of punishment. Moreover, the justice systems are not perfect and, therefore, prone to human error (Murphy). The possibility of innocent people getting convicted of…

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