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Against the Death Penalty #2

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Against the Death Penalty #2

Category: Speech or PowerPoint Presentation

Subcategory: Composition

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Against the Death Penalty

Is death penalty still a possible punishment? Almost all cultures in the world have considered the use of the death penalty as the ultimate punishment. However, in the world we live in today, is it still a possible punishment? Does death penalty still have the same validity it used to have? Those questions are deeply ingrained in our culture’s mindset and offer insight into how people think of punishment, fairness, and retribution.
In America, the death penalty has been used since colonial times, and its repercussions still ring our ears today. However, in the modern and advanced world we live in today, the death penalty can be an excessive punishment that does not teach any lesson. Besides, it is a costly measure that ends up being more expensive than incarcerating a felon for life.
The United States is one of the remaining democratic countries that sentences prisoners to the death penalty. All the European and South American countries have abolished the practice. Regarding users of capital punishment, The United States shares the list with countries such as Iraq; Saudi Arabia; Iran, and North Korea. Hence, given the list, it is not far-fetched to realize that this situation needs to change.
Hence, it seems counterintuitive that a country that allegedly upholds the liberties of its citizens and is regarded as a bulwark of freedom still uses such a barbaric method as a crime deterrent. Moreover, given the fact that the punishment costs the taxpayers actual money. According to existing data, in average, a trial that ends with the capital punishment costs around $2.3 million, almost three times the cost of having a felon convicted for life. On the other hand, although the public seems to favor capital punishment, a sizeable amount of the population does not see it as the most morally acceptable choice, considering that prisons are meant to rehabilitate prisoners rather than just killing them. Thus, it does not seem hard to understand the economic and humanitarian reasons behind the wish of stopping the death penalty.
Therefore, abolishing capital punishment will not only put the country’s mouth where its money is, but it would reduce the costs related to mistrials and court appeals that are associated with trials where the death penalty is thought to be used. Consequently, if the country wants to provide the general public with an image of freedom and social advancement, it should abolish the punishment. However, while it is true that in paper the punishment seems to be an important crime deterrent, it really is not, as it is rarely used, and it serves more to political interests instead to national security concerns, which means that by siding against the death penalty, these politicians that aim to use the punishment to bolster their careers would have actually to convince their voters with arguments instead of using irrational arguments.
Finally, having seen the arguments, what can you do to help in stopping the death penalty in the country? In the beginning, just being aware of the abnormality of the death penalty in the development world is a good place to start. Likewise, just being a voice against this measure can work. Speak to your peers and family, explain to them how repealing the death penalty will not only save money, but it will also save hassle and stress of the community and the victims. It is true that the criminals must pay, but history has shown that violence does not solve anything nor gives something back to the community.

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