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Aerobic Exercise

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Aerobic Exercise

Category: Speech or PowerPoint Presentation

Subcategory: Accounting

Level: College

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Words: 275

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Applied to Aerobic Exercise
Student’s Name
Collage’s Name
Speech 151 – Personal and Public Speech
Persuasive Speech – Preparation Outline Worksheet
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Pattern Design
TITLE: Aerobic Exercise
SPECIFIC PURPOSE (GOAL):The specific purpose of my speech is to persuade my classmates to start some type of aerobic exercise.
CENTRAL IDEA: Aerobic exercise
INTRODUCTION (ATTENTION STEP)In this section,grasp your audience’s attention by using a narrative (story), startling statement or statistic, rhetorical question, or powerful quotation.
I.(Attention getter):I would like everyone to get up and please lift your knees and do bicep curls for about 20 seconds. Wow doesn’t that feel good, and you have just a little bit of energy for the rest of my speech.
II.(Reveal topic):Today I would like to speak to you about the benefits of aerobic exercise.
III.(Relevancy): After completing my class survey, I found that ___% of the class exercises on a regular basis and ____% don’t do anything at all. Also, it is important to note that ___% are not interested in understanding, or listening to the virtues of exercising. In the same way, the ___% of those who exercise, do it because of their health, whereas ___% do it for health reasons.
IV.(Credibility and Good Will): I have research this topic using a variety of resources such as the CBS New, About Today Health, and Dr. Weil I also h…

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