Aerobic Exercise

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Aerobic Exercise

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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Applied to Aerobic Exercise
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Speech 151 – Personal and Public Speech
Persuasive Speech – Preparation Outline Worksheet
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Pattern Design
TITLE: Aerobic Exercise
SPECIFIC PURPOSE (GOAL):The specific purpose of my speech is to persuade my classmates to start some type of aerobic exercise.
CENTRAL IDEA: Aerobic exercise
INTRODUCTION (ATTENTION STEP)In this section,grasp your audience’s attention by using a narrative (story), startling statement or statistic, rhetorical question, or powerful quotation.
I.(Attention getter):I would like everyone to get up and please lift your knees and do bicep curls for about 20 seconds. Wow doesn’t that feel good, and you have just a little bit of energy for the rest of my speech.
II.(Reveal topic):Today I would like to speak to you about the benefits of aerobic exercise.
III.(Relevancy): After completing my class survey, I found that ___% of the class exercises on a regular basis and ____% don’t do anything at all. Also, it is important to note that ___% are not interested in understanding, or listening to the virtues of exercising. In the same way, the ___% of those who exercise, do it because of their health, whereas ___% do it for health reasons.
IV.(Credibility and Good Will): I have research this topic using a variety of resources such as the CBS New, About Today Health, and Dr. Weil I also have personal experience exercising for the past number of years. In the same way, I have interviewed ______ from the base, in order to gain a thorough understanding of the subject. And his responses to the need of exercise in people were quite satisfying. He said, “Exercising can be hard at first, but after a couple of weeks or even a month, people start to like it. Apparently exercise gives people a hype like sensation, and they keep on doing it. Of course, the health benefits are important, but many people don’t exercise just for their health.”
V.(Preview Main Points):I would like to discuss with everyone about the importance of aerobic exercise and why some of us don’t get enough or none at all, how make it part of our lives and give a visual example of how it helps.
(Signpost): First, I would like to tell you why we don’t do aerobic exercise or not at all.
BODY (Write in full sentences, use one sentence per point, and cite sources within the body of your outline as needed.)
I.(NEED STEP)The problem is up to 60% of Americans don’t do enough aerobic exercise enough and 25% don’t do anything at all, can you say couch potato?
A.I really don’t have time to exercise like I would like to or I can’t fit a workout in because of other obligations.
1. When one works and is a student full-time fitting time in any way can be a challenge so, if try to find every opportunity to fit aerobic workouts in.
a. While at work try to take the stairs whenever possible and even taking a walk at lunchtime is always a nice break. (Waeher)
b. I like to wake up first thing to get my walk or cardio in, so I am set for the day.
c. Try to break up workouts if time is of the essence, maybe 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes when you get home.
2.Varying your routines helps out so much because when you get bored with one, there is always another one to try.
a. Working out with friends can lead to a major amount of motivation, and reduce boredom
b. After starting to exercise, it is important to maintain the changes, as exercising is not linear, but cyclic, and there are going to be stages of more, or less physical changes (Mullan&Markland, 1997)
c. Variation of routines leads to a leaner and balanced muscle and resistance gain. Varying exercises would prevent people from “Skipping leg day”

B.Physical inactivity can lead to a few health problems, where aerobic exercising and promote good health. (CBS News)
1.According to the Center for Disease Control, when you don’t do any type of exercising, it can lead to coronary heart disease or type 2 diabetes which equates to 5.3 million deaths worldwide.
a. Coronary heart disease leads to about 6% and diabetes at __%.
b. 1.9 million deaths are attributable to physical inactivity. At least 60% of theglobal population does not achieve the minimum recommendation of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity (World Health Organization, 2009)
2.The overall health benefits of aerobic exercising result in better sleep, lower stroke risk, and fewer health problems later in life. (CBS News)
a.Regular exercise has a favorable effect on many of the established risk factors for cardiovascular disease. For example, exercise promotes weight reduction and can help reduce blood pressure. (Myers, 2003)
b. Exercise promotes weight reduction and can help reduce blood pressure. Exercise can reduce “bad” cholesterol levels in the blood

(Transitional preview): It is not only exercising, what would improve our physical health, but to realize that changes need to be done in order for us to attain the physique we have always wanted. And those changes are not only physical. That is why an adequate mental attitude toward exercising is important in order to incorporate an exercise routine in or daily routine. That is why we…
II.(SATISFACTION STEP) We can all make aerobic exercise part a fun and simple part of our everyday lifestyle.

A.It should not be too hard to incorporate some simple aerobic exercises into our daily lives.
1. So when you start, make small changes to your routine, get a “move more” type of attitude.
a. Curving out an hour is a lot, so as much as possible try and take the stairs or park at the very back of the parking lots (Freytag).
b. Walk and talk with your co-worker instead of emailing or texting them. (Freytag).
c. While at work you can stretch in your chair or do some leg lifts while watching tv.
2.Find aerobic exercises you will like and slowly add them to your daily routine. (Freytag).
a. It can be maybe a walk around the school, or work to mediate.
b. Take your time while you do it, so you won’t want to quit.

B.The best way to exercise is to find simple and fun things to do to fit into your day. (Weil)
1.If you don’t have fun while you exercise so it doesn’t become old hat, and you will give up easily.
a. Get outside and enjoy the outdoors by taking a walk or bike ride.
b. If the weather is too cold find a good aerobic exercise video, dance the night away or go walking on a treadmill if you have one.
2.Try to find simple aerobics to do so that even your kids or family members can join in and do.
a. Shameless Maya Video

(Signpost):In this part, using a video, and commenting on my experiences regarding weight loss, I shall point you
III.(VISUALIZATION STEP) Now I would like to introduce to you a couple of people and how aerobic exercise encouraged and helped them in different ways.
A.I would like to play this video of Shameless Maya and the title of her video is “Staying Fit is an Uphill Battle. (Shameless Maya video which is 1:20)
1. I hope Maya’s story helped someone to get up and get moving, I really liked that Maya kept on going even when grandma passed her up.
2.Maya has a good point that she always had excuses for not getting up to do some type of aerobic activity.
B.I would like to tell you my story of why I started exercising for the past few years do my thyroid disease.
1.How many of you know what thyroid disease is, and what the effects are?
a. According to the American Thyroid Association, there are about 20 million Americans who have thyroid disease and about 60% are unaware they have it.
2. There are some days when I can tell that my metabolism is shot, so when this happens, I will sometimes do 10 minutes of aerobic exercise to help me maintain some energy for the day.
(Transitional Summary):As you might have appreciated, exercise is not a simple task, however if I, and many others have been able to do it, why wouldn’t you? The benefits are clear, and despite motivation can be hard, it is possible to stay fit.
CONCLUSION (ACTION STEP)In this section, clearly explain what you want the audience to do.
(Summary):In summary today, I have shared with you some statistics’ that Americans aren’t getting the recommended amount of aerobic exercise. I have also shared with you how to start slowly to get up and get moving, for those who aren’t already. Lastly, I have shared my own experience of why I exercise and Maya’s getting in shape video.
(Challenge):My challenge to everyone is to get up and does some type of aerobic exercise, and if you exercise now, challenge yourself to do more this even includes myself.
III.(Memorable Closing Statement):“Get down and give me fifty.” that is a phrase we have heard plenty of movies, and even personal trainers. However, how hard is to really give fifty? For many of us, it is or has been a tough process. To be able to give fifty is not what really matters, what really matters is being able to give your 100%, if it means that you can only do 10, well, 10 is great. Do not fall for other people’s standards, if you are giving your all, that is what matters, but do not fool yourself think that you reached your limit, as the real limits are those we set ourselves.
IV.(Thank Audience):Thank you for your attention. Does anyone have any questions?
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