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admission essay for biochemistry transfer

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admission essay for biochemistry transfer

Category: Admission Essay

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Pharmacy Admission Essay
2nd November 2015
Admission Essay
While studying biology at high school, I was fascinated by the vast chemical processes that occur in our body. In fact the specific area that attracts me is the action of drugs and medicines in our body. My intended major is either to pursue Biochemistry or Pharmacy. I would like to become a pharmacist in a leading hospital or in the leading departmental stores like Macy, Costco or Walmart. This is my dream job and I have aligned myself with the job profile and the requisite knowledge. The topics of glycolysis, fatty acid oxidation and protein synthesis attracted me.
The passion of becoming a pharmacist was driven by a recent volunteer service. Our school organized a relief program towards the hurricane victims, and I was selected as a member of that group. I worked with a leading pharmacist from our local hospital and was fascinated by the knowledge and flexibility of providing primary care to the affected ones. I critically observed him and noticed he provided different molecules of pain suppressants to different age group of the victims.
I came home and was overwhelmed to find out the different mechanism of action, the tolerability profile of such medicines and safety in different age groups. The way he was treating the affected persons seemed to me as a divine service. I observed how the individuals expressed their grief and agony with him …

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