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Admission Essay

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Admission Essay

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Medicine

Level: High School

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Words: 275

Admission Essay
My name is Tariq Cotton currently studying at Infant Jesus of Prague School in Flossmoor, and I am in my eighth grade. I have ever dreamt of joining a good high school and university thus achieving my academic goals. Having witnessed many people including my friends from the neighborhood joining great high schools, I have always been motivated to follow the right paths.
I am good in my academic as I always score As and Bs in my subjects. My family has ever sacrificed all they can to make me reach wherever I am now, and I have always believed in them for ensuring that my dreams come true. They are my motivators and appreciate all they have done for me.
I am an active churchgoer and being that I attended the Catholic Faith since kindergarten and the Marian Catholic School, I have gained a lot of spiritual, moral behaviors and strengths. I am also used to helping people in the society for example in my grandmother’s nursing home where I meet new people who require help from others.
As a junior, I am actively into clubs such as guidance and leadership clubs in the society where I have learned a lot of responsibilities. The past few years of my life moreover, have given me reasons to believe that I have a good vision and future which I should work on consistently. I am also a disciplined person and intend to uphold proper social behaviors and discipline, following all the rules and regulations of the school.
It, therefore, believes that wit…

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