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Admission Essay

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Admission Essay

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Industrial Design
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Admission essay
Creativity is one of the skills that is required in every profession. One such profession that requires a lot of creativity is industrial design. Basically, industrial design refers to coming up and creating an object. The objects that can result from industrial design are furniture, devices such as mobile phones as well as automobiles such as luxury cars. For my personal liking, I prefer designs that are modern, sleek and luxurious. In a world that is characterized by technology Industrial design plays a major role (Amit, 2014). In a professional sense, industrial design deals with the creating and developing of concepts that create value by optimizing appearance that creates mutual benefits for both the user and the creator (Berube, 2017). Industrial designers either create new products or improve on existing ones. Being currently enrolled in a design foundation program at Humber College, the skills I possess will help me join the bachelor’s program at the same institution.
As far the Industrial design is concerned, two designers come to mind. John Ive, a Chief Design Officer at Apple, his designs have propelled Apple to where it is currently. Having been on the team that developed iMac, iPhone, and iPad (Heater, 2017). With these products, Apple has been able to remain a leader in its industry. Apart from John Ive, Philippe Starck is another designer. The French designer is known for his wor…

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