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Admission Essay

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Admission Essay

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Admission Essay at UCLA Anderson: My Contribution to the UCLA Anderson MBA Program
UCLA Anderson is one of the best schools in America. The institution is defined by the principles of “sharing success, thinking fearlessly, and driving change” (UCLA Anderson Blog). My past experiences in the business field make me an ideal candidate for UCLA Anderson. Drowned in an unhappy marriage, I found my way out and started my own businesses. What makes my business thinking fearless is that they are new ideas in the market. For instance, the market is dominated by the generic foods. My business was focused on producing healthier alternatives. Therefore, I believe my interaction with other students will help in increasing the scope of ideas for them.
Moreover, I have the determination, drive, and discipline to focus on my career and attend the MBA program. As a successful businesswoman, my success stories will be beneficial to the other students at UCLA Anderson. I have broken the norm that favors men in Iran and found my way to success in the business world. Therefore, I trust that the other students will gain from my experience.
Lastly, I believe in driving change. Part of my long-term goal is to establish a company and make donations to those in need of help. Because UCLA Anderson believes in driving change, my aspiration to help the women in Iran together with needy children is consistent with the core pri…

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