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Admission Essay 3

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I have always been interested in various aspects of computer games, particularly programming and designs. I have played and also experienced a variety of games and platforms and retain my passion for this kind of entertainment. I often find it fascinating. Right from a very young age, I was absolutely attracted to programming and video games. One of my favorite games played brilliantly and had a perfect soundtrack and was graphically superb. I have always desired to be involved in the development of games of such quality for the present generations of platforms. I believe game engineering will give me a strong foundation and will be ideal as far as my dream is concerned. It would equip me with fundamental skills as well as knowledge for adapting to the rapidly changing game industry. I have always spent a lot of time reading about games magazines where I update myself with the latest news about the game industry. I have also spent time learning about various aspects of careers in game development which has made me believe that game engineering is the right place for me.

My ambition is to work a key member of the games development team because I agree with Audrey Hepburn that “nothing is impossible” (Bradberry N.p). I dream of being a game designer and programmer such that all my technical and creative skills acquired in my course will be applied to make new games. I would be amazed to develop successful and interesting computer games that sound and look great with well-s…

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