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Admission essay

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Admission essay

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Bioengineering

Level: College

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Admission Essay
I am an engineering enthusiast. My passion for the career can be traced back to my childhood. I developed a broad sense of curiosity and interest in how things worked around me at an early age. As such, besides playing with toys, I also spent a lot of time dismantling toy cars, among other things I came across, with the intention of knowing how to repair them in case they break. During school years I was drawn even closer to engineering, and my passion and interest in the field were even further piqued by being involved and engaged in science and engineering clubs and societies. Equally important, studying and learning physics, mechanics, and mathematics became much like an obsession, which was also fun at the same time. The years in school augmented and consolidated my passion and enthusiasm for engineering.
The engineering sphere of knowledge comprises a full dimension of areas, topics, and disciplines. The engineering spectrum that I am highly passionate, which I have also been interested in, fascinated and intrigued about for a long time is the automotive engineering. At the moment, I work as an automotive technician. I have five years of hands-on work experience with various automobiles, which solidifies my interests as well as influences for my preference for an engineering degree program. Besides, my hobby and pastime activity includes, making online video reviews and analysis of cars, which helps people to have a better u…

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