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Admission Essay

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Admission Essay

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Nutrition and Diet

Level: Masters

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Admission Personal Statement Essay
Good things not only take time but also call for perseverance, hardworking and keeping the flame of hope alive. It is this statement that best define me as a wife, mother and most importantly professional pharmacists seeking to enhance her educational levels through an MBA program. My journey however never started easy. I was a young Lebanese girl raised by a single Lebanese mother. Our culture was against women empowerment, and the only role that we played was becoming homemakers where we are expected to become mothers taking care of our home which includes bearing and taking care of children. Education opportunities were limited to us with my mother married off to my father immediately after her high school education. Being born and raised in such an environment, my dreams and passion of becoming a professional pharmacist were shuttered because I was never guaranteed of schooling.
I was, however, lucky to meet a man, who was to be my husband, who knew how best to ignite the flame of a home in me. He motivated me into fulfilling my dreams and provided me with all the support I needed to reach my goals. Being already in his dream professional after a rough childhood like me, he became not only my professional role model but also my mentor. Through his support, I was able to get into the right course in the journey towards getting my career moving by starting my first year of a Pharmacy program. Despite already on the track, I faced a lo…

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