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Administration and Supervision

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Administration and Supervision

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Education

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 550

Administration and supervision applicant
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The law of Dharma suggests that each person has their function in this world. The combination of talent, knowledge and skills help in accomplishing one’s duty. When we use those combination to serve others, we attain the highest level of self-fulfillment. As a teacher, I always been interested in helping children to start self- actualization at a tender age. Once a person discovers who he/she is, there are high chances that they will follow their actual dream. In my research, I have always linked parents and their children opinion to establish the exact interests and capabilities their children have. With known abilities and what a child is capable of doing, the child’s talent or gift can be nurtured to ensure they become what they are supposed to be. Some children are good at storytelling; some are good at music while others show talent in leadership positions. If all those can be tapped and reinforced early in their children, they will grow into perfection and serve their actual purpose. My goals as a professional are to mentor and guide children not only to shine with academic Excellency but also to realize their talents and help in nurturing them.
Social justice is a concept describing the society condition in terms of the distribution of resource, prospects and privileges. I experience different kind of learners in class from various social backgrounds. Some of them seem to have all material th…

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