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Category: Annotated Bibliography

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Addiction has become a major problem in society. However, the major challenge has been its dynamic nature in the modern days. People are becoming addicted by almost everything ranging from food and drinks to technology and crime. The problem is that there is little research which has been done to determine the extent of addiction and the solutions. With this, little information and data are available for policymakers and psychologists to prescribe solutions. Further, most of the research and books available on addiction are not updated on the current trend. Addiction keeps on changing in pattern and magnitude as well as birth on new forms of addiction like a cell phone. This paper focuses on the applicability of available information and data on substance and cell phone addiction. It prescribes two works which have relevant information on the two topics. It will help those researching on addiction or finding solutions to addiction locate the right information much quicker.
Keywords: addiction, humanistic, technology.
Annotated Bibliography
Benjamin, E. (2016). Humanistic Antidotes to Social Media/Cell Phone Addiction in the College Classroom. Journal of Arts and Humanities, 5(8), 1-11.
Benjamin (2016), describes and prescribes three solutions to avert to the addiction to mobile phone use by college students. The argument in the article is that although there are many benefits of cell phone use like research on academics, coll…

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