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Addiction to Smoking

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Addiction to Smoking

Category: Assignment

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 7

Words: 1925

Addiction to Smoking
Smoking is one of the habits that people adopt and it eventually turns into an addiction. It starts as a small behavior that can be adopted by any person regardless of the age or gender. It is mostly with the youths who take it as a way of having fun but as they do it, they end up having a big problem with it. The rich use cigars as a way of showing certain superiority in the society. One can start doing it just because he or she is rich not knowing that they might end up getting addicted and they will have a very hard time when trying to quit. The reason for this addiction is caused by nicotine found in cigarettes. It is a certain chemical which make cigarettes more addictive even more than heroin (Latt, 13).
Drug addiction, according to certain researchers, is a mental illness. It is a brain disease that is very complex and has characteristics such as seeking, drug craving and use even when a person is well aware of the consequences. These characteristics are uncontrollable and compulsive. Addiction has a law which explains that when a drug is administered to one’s body, a chemical dependence on this drug is developed by its user. This is a fact that clearly describes addiction. It further describes a fact that one to some people is too many but when a thousand is used it never gets enough (Stern, 26).
Around 5 million people every year smoke until they die in each and every year. One single puff leads to the des…

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