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Active Listening

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Active Listening

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Management

Level: University

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Active Listening
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Active Listening
There are particular avenues that I would follow to improve my active listening skills. Foremostly, I would ensure that I am open-minded to ensure there are high chances of delivering the message to the listeners (Hamilton, 2013; West, 2012). The idea(s) of having a closed mind prevents would deter me from absorbing any new perspectives that may not be in their line of thought(s) (Hamilton, 2013). For instance; if I am conversing with a homophobe about homosexuality, it may be difficult for them to actively listen to my ideas. I am obliged to express interest since it is a primary way of enhancing active listening skills. Involving judgment in such a scenario impedes the listening process due to loss of focus. Additionally, I should embrace inquires and questions as a way of obtaining clarification(s) or clarity. The act of asking questions shows clearly that, as the listener, I was well-engrossed in the topic and requires further explanation(s) (Hoppe, 2011). With this, there is room for constructive feedback and criticism which accentuate my active listening skills. It is particularly important for me, as the listener, to understand the speaker.
There are specific reasons that lead to ineffective listening skills. In my case, for instance; when I am distracted with another task, it is impossible for me to listen effectively. Multitasking is not my forte; therefore, attempting to listen to an individual w…

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