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Active Listening

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Active Listening

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Active Listening
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Active listening refers to a communication technique that is mostly used in training counseling and conflict resolution. It asks for the listener’s full concentration, comprehension, response, and is able to remember what has been said. If one aims at improving their listening skills, then using active listening techniques will be essential.
There are five essential elements of active listening, and they include; paying keen attention, showing that you are listening by occasionally nodding, smiling among others, providing feedback and enquiring for clarification, deferring judgment, and responding appropriately by being candid, honest and one in your manner of response.
The benefits of being an active listener in the workplace are that it will improve one’s job effectiveness and the quality of an individual’s relationship with others (“Active Listening: Hear What People are Really Saying”, 2018). It is said there are potential dangers of not being an active listener. When you are a poor active listener, there are chances that you will fail to understand what the instructor is saying, and thus will have poor effectiveness at work and affect one’s relationship with others.
After reading this material, when I reflect back to my first conversation, I may have failed to follow all the essential elements of an active listener. This led to a deficiency of remembering some of the critical aspects of what the conve…

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