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Acquired phototrophy in Dinophysis – review

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Acquired phototrophy in Dinophysis – review

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Acquired Phototrophy in Dinophysis – review
The use of chloroplasts that come from prey that is ingested, which can also be called acquired phototrophy comes from ciliates and dinoflagellates. The known examples of such an occurrence are from different groups like the dinoflagellate genus Dinophysis and ciliate genus Mesodinium. They are both significant and have been in distribution all over the world. In Dinophysis, all the available contents of ciliate are usually taken out except the chloroplasts that are retained in the prey that is ingested. The importance and interesting part of this study are that it provide varied information that pertain to Dinophysis and its relation to many other species in the aquatic environment when different conditions are applied.
There are some chloroplast genes that are in-house which can be found in the Dinophysis nucleus, and there are various suggestions that this can take shape for photoacclimation (Wisecaver 366). All of these genera can take part in nutrients that may include NO3, and this is a clear indication that all the process that go far after photosynthesis have been accomplished. M Rubrum can also be seen as depending on other prey species that are found in Geminigera (Wisecaver 366). Until now M rubrum is found to depend fully on species that have Plagioselmis and Dinophysis has been maintained under M rubrum as a component of food (Béjà 786). There are also other ciliates that can be …

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