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about the use of nuclear weapons in ending World War II

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about the use of nuclear weapons in ending World War II

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Use of Nuclear Weapons in Ending World War II
The use of atomic bombs by the US on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japanese cities during the 2nd World War for a considerable amount of time has stood out as one of the most controversial decisions in the global military history. American military officials reported that dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan was necessary as it was the only way Japan could be forced to admit defeat and surrender thereby bringing a quick end to the Second World War (Neff n.p). Those who see the bombings as justified also opine that it helped prevent the huge number of causalities a protracted war would have brought about. However, I believe that the utilization of the atomic bombs was not justified and was immoral since the US knew very well it would result in the death of hundreds of civilians and destruction of urban infrastructure.
The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not necessary. Japan’s military power at this point of the Second World War was on the decline. This came to the limelight in August when the Soviet successfully invaded Manchuria (Neff n.p). Simple urban destruction and a blocked would have resulted in Japan surrendering without necessarily dropping atomic bombs on its two cities. The bombing was very indiscriminate; it was deliberately aimed at areas with many civilians. However, had the nuclear weapons not be used, the war would not have continued for a long time and might …

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