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Abortion Law

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Abortion Law

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Abortion Laws
Abortion is the natural tendency of eliminating the human fetus from the mother. The acts of abortion were expressly agreed upon in the year 1973 via the case of Roe v. Wade, in which the plaintiff won, and the court ruled for abortion in her favor. The case was held in Texas, which was a state that did not allow abortion under any condition. Legalization of abortion was accepted in the region, though no federal law has been set in the US to support the legal process of abortion. There have been several debates on the issue, and most contend that abortion laws should be put in place to provide mothers with their rights of choice in accordance to the ninth amendment. However, the issue of legalizing abortion and the process of providing a federal law to that effect has not been easy, and this has brought about divisions among the pro-life and pro-choice groups, who argue against and for laws, which support abortion. The sentiments of the pro-choice should be taken into consideration, because mothers are supposed to be given the opportunity to make choices that concern their pregnancies. Even though both groups have strong points on the issues of abortion, those who argue against abortion forget the rights of the mother, the privilege of the fetus and the general society that follow after different cultures. These factors clearly provide the guideline that should be followed by society in deciding whether abortion should be made legal. However, there should be federal laws in place that support abortion, to ensure right choices by the pregnant mothers who are often victimized. This paper denotes that abortion should be allowed, and this should be done in a systematic way where a federal law is provided to safeguard the practice.
Those who oppose abortion contend that laws on abortion are not seen as restrictive unless they completely put a toll on its access. Advocates on abortion, on the other hand, argue that laws on abortion are a burden if they do not provide any medical ground to limit the process. Lawmakers who were conservative provided different abortion laws that restricted abortion processes, which medical organizations confirm have little benefits to the health sector. To ensure a balance between the rights of women and fetus privileges, the government ought to provide legislations that allow abortion, and this should be done regardless of parental consent or age. This should be done until the fetus is feasible, as this gives the fetus privilege and choice to the mother during pregnancy.
Abortion in the US was, and is a controversial topic both in their culture and in politics. Laws on abortion in the US restrict and prohibit the processes of abortion. Similar sentiments have also been expressed by other countries, and as such, they deny the fetus and the mother their privileges and rights. Abortion is often banned and limited by the various laws that have been put in place by the federal government. However, cases of abortion are high in many regions despite the strict laws (Berer 8).
Following the case of Roe v. Wade, there should be a federal law that allows abortion. Due to the case, the US in the year 1973 declared invalid all laws that prohibited abortion and allowed such processes to ensure right of privacy for women. Women were given the opportunity to perform abortions against regulations that were eelier set by the courts. However, the ruling upheld the restrictions of abortion on the grounds of the viability of the fetus over the period of pregnancy. Currently, very few American citizens are satisfied with the laws governing abortion in the US, hence the need to put up legislation that allows abortion.
Legalizing Abortion
The act of coming up with different laws to legalize abortion will give women an opportunity to control their lives. The new laws can be justified through Roe v. Wade case, which legalized abortion to any consenting parent or minors who had parental approval. However, age or parental consent should not limit individuals to perform an abortion, as the process gives the mother her right of choice and privilege to the fetus. According to Medoff, “a fetus is not able to feel any pain during an abortion; hence no suffering can be justified” (633). In most instances, women desire to commit abortion because they are unable to raise the child that is to be born. Most of these women consider finishing their education or get into their desired careers before engaging into childbearing activities. Alternatively, most of them often have different health complications that necessitate the processes of abortion.
In addition, abortion laws allowing the process will limit instances where children are born with deformities, which affect their future lives when they grow. Severe medical conditions are vital reasons that should be considered by the medical practitioners to allow for abortion without any problem. It is vital to note that 48% of those who are unborn often have different complications that may interfere with them when they are born. According to Rahman “unwanted children have problems growing in a normal environment, and this not only affects them psychologically but also affects their well-being in overall” (57). This should be reason enough to warrant a legislative that allows abortion for women.
Increased instances of rape have been reported on a daily basis across the globe. Most of these rape cases lead to pregnancy, leaving mothers with the option to abort to avoid such memories in the future. To avoid such memories legislations that allow abortion will help them overcome the painful ordeals and help them heal quickly as they purpose to continue with their lives. Women should also not take advantage of the abortion law, but allow it to make them better citizens. Abortion cases will therefore need to be regulated after the law to avoid instances where women take advantage and abort even when their pregnancies are valid.
Abortions should be legal because they often make mothers feel happy and safe when aborting the child they are not ready to support due to various reasons. Poverty levels can decrease substantially when such laws come into place, as women will be able to plan for their families well before giving birth. Making abortion illegal, on the other hand, is disastrous to mothers and the society. Most mothers who desire to abort often do anything they can to ensure that the fetus is eliminated. Some women use crude methods that can endanger their lives, in the end, therefore legalized abortion is safe and should be encouraged through a federal law.
Abortion should always be viewed as a private matter that requires the mother to make choices on how to deal with their pregnancy. Boland confirmed, “the mother has a right to make choices because the society allows every individual to make choices that concern their lives in overall” (116). Abortion should not only be viewed as a moral issue, but also a constitutional one, which requires a law to allow it. The Ninth Amendment provides individuals with the right to have confidential choices that affect them on their daily lives. The amendment on its part gives women and men alike the right to make decisions that pertain to their lives. Women should therefore be left to make the decision to abort, and laws that allow the process without any victimization can facilitate this. It is also the privilege of the fetus to be born when time is due and the mother, who always bears all the responsibility, can only decide this.
Legislations that allow for abortion should be set to allow mothers make the choice to give birth or abort. This will allow them to have a second chance, and this mostly happens when their life is in danger or when poor choices are made before pregnancy. Further, when the life of the unborn is deemed to be in a debilitating state, mothers should also be allowed to undergo an abortion to avoid instances of regret and unhappy lives. However, even though abortion processes will have legislation allowing them, mothers as a way of controlling births should never use them. Legality of abortion should only remain on the framework of enhancing their lives, privacy, and rights, together with the privileges that need to be bestowed upon the fetus. Federal laws are vital because they will provide different guidelines that will eliminate instances of mischief in the process of abortion.
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