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A swot analysis on myself and the skills i feel i will bring to the role of HR manager at Newlook

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A swot analysis on myself and the skills i feel i will bring to the role of HR manager at Newlook

Category: Business Plan

Subcategory: Management

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Personal SWOT Analysis of the HR Manager Position
The following is a SWOT analysis of myself and the skills I feel I will bring to the role of HR manager at Newlook.
I am exceptionally creative. Therefore, efficiency in planning activities geared to improve performance and store manager capability will be guaranteed.
I have excellent communication skills that enable me to communicate well with my team and clients.
I have a special liking for organization and neatness, as such action plans will be in place to focus as needed
I am conversant with the acting legislation regarding employment.
I have excellent coaching skills, and I am influential, this would be vital in circumstances when I will be required to gather support and coach members of my team.
I have a compulsive need to carry out activities as quickly as possible and this at times compromises the quality of my work.
Though I am influential, and my coaching is effective, I am overly nervous. That would impact negatively on my relations with the consultants.
The need to clear activities off my to-do list exposes me to stress when the tasks to be completed overlaps my capability.
I consider this position as a chance to improve my experience and general qualifications for future posts.
Interactions with the various people in my bracket of relations are numerous. That will help me improve on my interpersonal skills and help me overcome my weaknesses.

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