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A Rhetoric Analysis of Crime Scene Profiling

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A Rhetoric Analysis of Crime Scene Profiling

Category: Assignment

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: College

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

A Rhetoric Analysis of Crime Scene Profiling

The author focuses on the dramatic nature of a crime scene profiling and the technique used to infer the motivations that lay behind a baffling but rapid familiar human act or else the “the stranger killing.” The article argues that the technique of interpreting the crime scene is essentially rhetoric and employs the element of Elliott Leyton dramatistic pentad. Serial crimes have been happening and explosions of violence in different ways. They suggest a level of anger and socially motivated vengeance that is sometimes hard to understand why such incidences occur.
However, the work of the Canadian anthropologist Elliott Leyton, as well as that of several criminologists, reporters, and other aggressive legal action professionals, indicates that such functions can be interpreted once we comprehend how to “read” their significance. Studying how to do so is from a realistic viewpoint a matter of some emergency, since a variety of several and sequential killers are increasing. As Elliott Leyton explains, “until the Sixties, they were flaws who showed up perhaps once a decade, but by the 1980’s, one was produced almost each thirty days. According to unofficial US Rights Division reports, there may be as many as one hundred several killers eliminating in America.
No one knows with confidence that is a serial killer, although the concepts are several. Some professionals highlight characteristics over develop as the main boost o…

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