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A review of the book zero day by Mark Russinovich

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A review of the book zero day by Mark Russinovich

Category: Movie Review

Subcategory: IT Technology

Level: College

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Review of the book: Zero Day by Mark RussinovichExecutive Summary:
If in case you are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring cyber security in a company or a system, this story is of great support. This book is significant in the prevention of cyber crime and is important to both the IT professionals and the others from various fields. It gives detailed information of the various aspects of the Anonymous, the LulzSec, as well as the broad hacker movement. It does so by citing relevant examples of the effects of the activities of activists in various fields. It is, therefore, one of the best books in the world to read when interested in knowing more about cyber terrorism.
Hacktivism involves the introduction of a malware into the computer system of a firm or firm or company for various reasons. When that happens, the hackers get access to confidential information and can be in a position to bring down the whole system or even introduce unwanted information or data into the system. The individuals who participate in that process are referred to as hackers or hacktivists.
The first couple of chapters of the novel focus on the crushing attacks by a new blend of malware that causes pilots and sailors to lose control, makes the various records in the hospitals to fail, and disrupts the robotic-auto-assembly-lines. The malware, in addition, makes the nuclear power plants to run short.
At that point, the protagonist in the novel is introduced. Presently filling in as an independent computer security master, Aiken lives comfortably by offering his services to the most elevated bidder. Aiken moves up his sleeves and goes to the help of Fischerman, Platt & Cohen, a Manhattan law firm that has seen their lavish PCs transformed into glorified paperweights by a secretive cyberattack. Aiken begins working with the Sue Tabor, an over-worked and under-appreciated system administrator, with an end goal to tackle the puzzle of why the organization’s computers have transformed into lethargic pieces of plastic and silicon.
The first portion of the novel is quite slow, yet the pace keeps on getting steam towards the last 50% of the book. Aiken soon unites with Dr. Daryl Haugen, a statuesque blonde who just happens to be an old companion and security master at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Haugen soon turns into Aiken’s adoration hobby, and the plot thickens from that point.
Zero Day incorporates references to numerous real-world cyberattacks. There’s likewise a segment where Russinovich alludes to some of the work he did in finding Sony’s utilization of rootkits in their music CDs a couple of years prior. However, he deftly (and fortunately) evades the allurement to embed himself by name straightforwardly into the story, as Stephen King did (with blended results) in his Dark Tower arrangement.
Where Zero Day exceeds expectations is the point at which the novel swings to the technical parts of the plot, and it is here where Russinovich shows his authority (and cozy recognition) with particular technical and cyber security terms and technology. Less tech-savvy readers of the book may discover themselves bypassing these parts. However, IT experts, system administrators, technologists, and other tech-insightful readers including myself, may discover these segments of the novel the absolute most agreeable.
The Tech:
1.Malware- this term refers to software that is originally designed by the creators to specifically disrupt of damage a system. It includes the viruses or the Trojan horse. It is also the short term for the malicious software.
2.Rootkits- this term refers to a stealthy kind of software that is typically malicious and is always designed with the aim of hiding the existence or presence of certain programs or processes from the normal mechanisms of detection as well as the enable the continued advantaged access to the computer system or computer.
3.Cyber terrorism
Zero Day is Russinovich’s first fiction novel, and a few parts of the book appear quite unpolished. A percentage of the dialog is ungainly and stilted in spots, and I discovered perusing through a part gave to a far-reaching, vowel-deficient messaging exchange somewhat dreary. Russinovich isn’t Robert Ludlum, and Jeff Aiken most without a doubt isn’t Jason Bourne. However, Russinovich appears to endeavor directing both at different focuses. That isn’t totally an awful thing, as Russinovich has figured out how to mix some exciting, sensational activity with a large group of particular technical detail that makes Zero Day novel but an altogether captivating, pleasant read.
Those are as a matter of fact, minor problems to what I consider one of the best books I’ve gone through for this present year, and apparently a standout amongst the most lucid books ever expounded on cyber terrorism. It’s outstandingly amazing considering that the work is Russinovich’s first novel. It is because it gives every detail of the different aspects of cyber security discussed in the book. As such, it is very informative and self-explanatory. It is easy to read and understand the information in the book. When the key examples of cyber crimes in the various fields like aviation, healthcare, amongst others is outlined in the paper; it enables the reader to make the relevant inferences as he goes through the novel.
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