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A Reactionship with Reading: My story

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A Reactionship with Reading: My story

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Religion

Level: High School

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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A Relationship with Reading: My Story
Reading is an intricate cognitive progression that involves decoding symbols so as to derive a meaning. The process is a way of language acquisition, sharing of ideas and information. The reading process has been taking place since my earlier childhood till now when I’m pursuing my higher education process. The paper shall discuss my favorite experience with reading and my least favorite experience with reading. On the same note, this paper shall cover my childhood memory about my reading experience and my life now that is associated with reading. The paper shall cover the said experiences in a wider manner so as to reveal my experience with reading. In general, reading has enabled me to escape and broaden my horizon. On the same note, it has helped to improve my usage of vocabulary and application of imagination in different fields and challenges that I do face in my day to day life activities.
My Favorite Experience with Reading
My favorite experience with reading is when I discovered the love that I have to books. I had read a novel “Gifted Hands” by Ben Carson. The book inspired me so much since it made me aware that I can prosper in life no matter your home background. It made to me to love reading many books, more so novels that inspire so much. This particular experience made me love my studies more both in school and at home. In school, I would walk all the time with my novels in my small bag so as I would be reading them all the time. This particular trait made my literature teachers to love my reading style and skills so much. On the same note, my performance in literature exams improved from time to time as I continued to read more novels.
My Least Experience with Reading
I experienced the least experience with reading during my high school life. I faced a challenge in reading the complex chemistry and physics books. I got myself allocating less time to these particular units as I had to read novels even during chemistry and physics class. This made me fail on these particular units, and it demoralized me so much. Therefore, this particular experience made me read less and less each and every day so as to balance my class work. I started reading books that I was only assigned in my literature class, and I was very careful with the teacher’s choice of the books she preferred me to read. I only concentrated so much on discussing themes, character, the style used in the novels that were selected by my English teacher for exams. Rather than this giving me much love for literature work, it made me hate reading books with many pages as I only concentrated on searching only for the main ideas in the novels that I come across.
My Childhood Memory about a Reading Experience
During my childhood life, I was in a position to read a whole book in one day. I would always request my mother to every night to let me stay into the night so that I could wind up a novel that I had started reading during the day. Therefore, this made me improve my reading skills while being a young child.
My Present Life with Reading and Conclusion
I love reading so much in my present life. I always search for the latest novels in the market and read them carefully. I think I have revived my reading style that I had during my childhood reading styles. To conclude, reading a lot of books has made me knowledgeable in different ways. On the same note, it has helped to develop dispute dissolution skills and good communication skills.

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