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A Quantitative Exploration of Patients with Delirium

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A quantitative exploration of patients with delirium
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A quantitative exploration of patients with delirium
Mc Donnell, S., & Timmins, F. (2012). A quantitative exploration of the subjective burden experienced by nurses when caring for patients with delirium. Journal of clinical nursing, 21 (17‐18), 2488-2498.The article focuses on the issue of nursing care provided to patients suffering from delirium. The subject of negative emotions and feelings by nurses tasked with the provision of care to delirium patients has, hitherto, been ignored. It is with this subject in mind that the authors of this article prepared this research to measure and objectively quantify the strain on nurses when handling delirium patients. According to the article, nurses generally have a feeling of comfort when handling patients with cognitive decline such as dementia patients. However, research has shown that nurses feel discomfort and incomprehension when dealing with delirium patients. According to the article, the negative feelings may be attributed to the inadequacy of understanding possessed by the nurses, especially regarding the delirium condition. The article identifies that there is a common misconception between dementia and depression conditions and that these two conditions are often confused with delirium. Even though delirium, depression and dementia generally fall under disorders affecting the cognitive functions, it is proper to a…

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