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a preschool teacher whom wants to one day open own childcare facility

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a preschool teacher whom wants to one day open own childcare facility

Category: Business Plan

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Level: High School

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Business Plan: Childcare Facility
In this essay, we aim to create a business plan featuring a daycare facility. I have worked in the childcare industry as a preschool teacher for 15 years and having taken the role as a lead teacher, and manager, I hope to run my facility. A business plan is a written description of a company’s future, a document that details the plan, and what the person would do to achieve its goals (Entrepreneur.com). In this plan, we shall feature three main points: Business description; Market analysis; and Executive Summary. That way, I aim to offer a cohesive vision of my plan (Ehmke & Akridge)
Business Description. Our facility (If you have a name in mind, please insert it here) is a daycare facility whose mission is to serve the families as a place where they can leave their kids without fearing something can happen to them. Also, we aim to offer the best education possible, as we consider that initial education is the most important, and to be able to teach children from the start is the best way to create good citizens. The facility aims to offer its prospective customers the competitive advantages of being a home-run business rather than a franchise. The daycare will also be ran by we—trained staff, the thought of their capabilities and training.
Market Analysis. The child care market is competitive in the area (Insert you area). There is a handful of facilities that we consider our primary competitors. However, unlike this facility, those are projected in a more commercial style, oriented as a franchise. This daycare is oriented as a more family-like place, where the clients feel they are leaving their kids in a location that resembles their home (Berry 5) In the same way, those franchised daycare have a bigger amount of students, our facility will focus more on the quality of the care, rather than the number of kids.
Executive Summary. This childcare would be an organization that provides services in my surrounding area (Feel free to insert the area you are located). In this plan, it is projected a small facility that serves children from three months to six years of age. The daycare’s services are secure and offer the parents an excellent alternative to leaving their children in the hands of an expert staff.
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