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A Personal Statement

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A Personal Statement

Category: Personal Statement

Subcategory: Health

Level: Masters

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

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Personal Statement
Watching my mother succumb by my side has been a reflective memory that lives in my mind forever. At an early age of five years, my mother passed away as she suffered from chronic asthma. Her death occurred due to the unethical behavior of the administrators who were in her care and the whole healthcare system in Guyana. The unfortunate experience and behavior from the administrators made me realize the flaws in my country’s healthcare system. From that day’s experience, I made a decision to bring in change and hopes to other people as I would never stand and watch them suffer through a similar occurrence.
From my early life, I have had a deep interest in the healthcare field. Growing up in Guyana, a small deprived country had been my motivation in assisting the less fortunate people in all ways that I could assist. Sadly, for one to access the very best healthcare services in Guyana, one has to be wealthy. The resilience of my mother’s spirit has inspired me being active and faithful towards my call of duty in offering quality healthcare services to all people regardless of their financial status.
I recall the late nights times that I stayed to hand over a fan to my mother with a piece of cardboard and help her breath whenever she got an asthma attack. My elder brothers had no choice but to drop out of school so they could work and help through my mother’s medication and other family bills. During her last days, she kept that sweet smile on her face. I watched my mother pant to breath, waiting in vain for the nurse or an ambulance to come to her rescue. I was full of anger and sad at the same time as I knew yet another time the health care system had failed again. They indirectly caused my mother’s death.
After relocating to the United States, I knew that education was the only path to achieving my goals. I was very interested in sciences as I grew up. Moreover, I was intrigued by how the healthcare administrator profoundly impacted on the entire healthcare system. My road towards success began as an Ophthalmic Dispensing student. During that time, I was an honors student excelling in both class and hands on work. It was where I first experienced the administration part of patient care.
Later on, I went to St. Francis College to finish my bachelor’s degree. Given that it is a “liberal arts” institution, I knew that it would provide broad and general knowledge during my course study. This experience can serve as an advantage for a person in management and leadership positions. I undertook the rigorous part of healthcare; the Premedical part of the field. Time management was critical for me because of my extra curriculum as an athlete and a student assistant in the biology department. Receiving a bachelor’s degree was my significant achievement. I was the first person in my family to achieve such a milestone. It was somewhat complicated; late night studies, early morning work-studies before classes so I could cater for my studies and transportation. I was determined to do what it took to get my degree and continue working toward my ultimate goal.
As I sat in the library, I read a quote from John F. Kennedy, “I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction, I served in the United States Navy.” This quote inspired me to join the United States Navy. While I had no military background, I was convinced that the most successful people are those who are bold and not afraid of the risks. I already knew what I wanted in life; to help and give back to the less fortunate. Serving the military was fitting and the right thing to do.
As a medical logistic specialist, I worked closely with the healthcare providers in my Unit. This experience provided me hands on training in the healthcare administration field on a daily basis. In a fast pace and vigorous environment, I excelled under pressure. Waking up before dawn and working until dark was new to me. However, I quickly accepted it and soon realized that discipline, and attention to details was of high value in the Navy. These traits and excellent management landed me into a position where, I was in charge of a budget value over six million dollars. These were the characteristics that I embraced and valued both in my personal life and career path.
The Navy strengthened my desire to pursue a career in healthcare Administration. Fighting for freedom and fair treatment for all was done with pride. It’s important that I continue this path as a Healthcare Administrator. I have met people from all walks of life with similar goals and aspiration to have affordable quality health care. I am determined to continue helping people in need and with my passion and readiness. Through my optimism I believe it will come into reality.
Although, I have trained in the health field like most science students, I have the business knowledge that this area requires. It has provided me with a head start for the rest of the work. My completed courses in Micro and Macroeconomics also contributed to me excelling at a Master degree level. I am convinced that my undergraduate courses and my professional experience has prepared and given me the necessary knowledge to be a Healthcare Administrator. Pursuing a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration at Seton Hall University is the right choice for me. It will set me as an inspiring leader in the healthcare field to help breach the gap between quantity and quality services.
I believe in this school because of the high standard and years of experience it displays. The quality of education from this university will give me the knowledge, skills and confidence that top demanding employers seek. Also, the commitment from Seton Hall University towards veterans has clearly outshined a lot of schools around the nation. Of the four federal programs that assist set levels for veteran education, this school has participated in two. Moreover, the variety of programs they have in place to serve the men and women are of quality nature.
I am ready to accomplish the next step towards fulfilling my lifelong dreams and becoming a Healthcare Administrator. With the help of Seton Hall University and my commitment, my goals and targets will be achieved.

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