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A one page essay describing why the applicant wishes to obtain an M.S. degree in Biology at California State University Long Beach and how this relates to her/his career objectives.

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A one page essay describing why the applicant wishes to obtain an M.S. degree in Biology at California State University Long Beach and how this relates to her/his career objectives.

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Biology

Level: Masters

Pages: 1

Words: 550

Student’s Name
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Letter of Admission for M.S Degree in Biology
Since my junior level school, I always had a keen desire and aptitude in the sciences. Economic and social factors, however, led to my stray from furthering my anticipations in research. Working as a military officer for nine years has not deterred my interest to chase my goal in advancing my knowledge in biological research. While working full time, I would regularly find myself reading books and articles while questioning about biology but never feeling like that was enough. Once I decided to go back to college at Weber State University, I realized that I was entwined to biological science, feeling energized by my undertakings.
Several semesters after I started taking full-time courses in zoology at WSU I decided I would leave the military to pursue are a career in scientific research. My desire to make a career out of research in biology is why I am seeking admission to CSULB M.S. to continue a degree in Biology. My interest is researching on animal behavioral ecology in the aqua ecosystem, more specifically sharks, skates, and rays. The long success history on studies in this field in CSULB has compelled my choice to study with you. Moving inspirations from Dr. Donald Nelson’s formation of Shark Lab and his revolutionary research into acoustic tagging and the latter innovative discoveries with Dr. Christopher Lowe’s use of automated underwater vehicles, have left my heart to desire and raise my enthusiasm to make a mark in the field. Recent innovations in the Shark Lab integrating the newest technologies inflicts hope for new discoveries and further the urge in the study of fish in their behaviors and environment.
Knowledge gained in the previous courses form a strong foundation in biological research. Among the courses I have completed is animal behavior, Genetics, Marine Biology, Comparative Physiology, Cell Biology, and Evolution. I received the three-semester honor award maintaining a GPA of 3.5 for the semester. An award of $988 by Ralph Nye Charitable Foundation in aid of my senior thesis, which was mandatory for my graduation at Cum Laude, was an appreciation and an achievement for me. From these knowledge and experiences, I was able to write a science journal for my undergraduate at Weber State University, a milestone in my study. Am eager to incorporate my knowledge and experience to further the research in this field, which is possible through the guidance of knowledgeable tutors in your University.
The resources available in your biology department from faculty, technology, and location will significantly increase my chances of success in a research career in biology. My personal objectives for research tied to those of the faculty for which biology department got centered which is insightful for collaboration and mass accomplishment. I am especially interested in collaborating with Dr. Chris Lowe to help further understand fish movements in marine protected areas, and I believe in his guidance and mentorship to successful research. Also, having a concrete foundation in the field of biology supports the diversity of interests of the faculty. Combining the personal goals, faculty interest, and the technological resource at CSULB’s disposal lightens and substantiates building a foundation in the research fields.
With vast anticipation, I await for a positive feedback from you. I promise to dedicate my undying zeal and energy in accomplishing my goals and setting the pace for other successors to build. To me, the medical field is the future and through it, I search for another, long lasting, opportunity to adhere to my interest. After all, to adhere to your interest is a dream come true.

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