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A Narrative Essay: An Unforgettable Experience

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A Narrative Essay: An Unforgettable Experience

Category: Descriptive Essay

Subcategory: Composition

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Unforgettable Experience
My life revolves around school and home because I have not completed my studies yet. I am always passionate about school because I met my first closest friends after enrolling for elementary education. My circle of friends expanded significantly because I learnt to socialize with new people after the enrolment. One of my memorable experiences was at school when I felt the sudden pain in my abdomen. Their day had started as usual after attending the usual morning assembly.
The English teacher had instructed my class to go to the SAL room where we would have our lesson that day. I felt the sudden pain in my abdomen on arrival to the room. I hurried to my seat and to rest and let the pain to go away. Unfortunately, though, the pain persisted rendering me restless. I had to inform the class monitor about it because the teacher had not arrived. The class monitor acted swiftly and informed the teacher before she came in. I felt threatened because the pain was increased significantly as time lapsed. I had never experienced such pain although I never yelled.

The teacher noticed that I was straining to remain calm and contacted my parents. I believe that my parents are very caring and they drove to the school in less than five minutes. The found me laying at the park as my friends and the teacher watched me in panic. The teacher, assisted by my friends and parents, administered first aid on me. I felt relieved from the pain after taking some pain killers. Although the situation caused panic in all people, I gradually recovered and the class resumed after about 30 minutes of panic and confusion. I have never known what caused the pain because it never recurred and preceding medical tests never showed any underlying sicknesses.


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