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A-List the 4 Tetrarchic capitals

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A-List the 4 Tetrarchic capitals

Category: Controversial Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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A-List the 4 Tetrarchic capitals.
The Four Tetrarchic Capitals Were:
Augusta Treverorum
B. The Four Tetrarchs and Their Capitals.
Nicomedia was the capital of Diocletian
Sirmium was the capital of Galerius,
Mediolanum was the capital of Maximian,
Augusta Treverorum was the capital of Constantius Chlorus
2. A. Why the Goths Were Angry At the Romans.
The Goths were angry at the Romans because the Valens pitched at Goth’s camp, built palisades in preparation for Emperor Gratian to arrive with the Gallic army. Moreover, ambassadors from the Goth asked for a truce but they were sent away by the Romans.
B. What happened to Valens?
Two-thirds of the Valens army were killed by the Goths army while others burned to death
3. A. The Sack of Rome in 410.
The Sack of Rome took place on August 24, 410 when the Roman Empire was attacked by the Visigoths led by King Alaric. During the attack, Rome had been replaced by Raven in 402 as the headquarter of the Western Roman Empire, the sack of Rome came as a shock to friends, foes, and contemporaries of eternal city that maintained its status after the sack. This sack occurred 800 years after the sack by Gauls under the leadership of Brennus in387 BC and was a landmark in collapse of the Roman Empire
The Events that Led Up To It.
There was contention between the two halves of the empire after the death of Theodosius, thus creating a revolt. Later on, the Alaric demanded compensation leading to further negotiations ov…

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