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a health problem or disease to explore in detail by using a descriptive epidemiologic approach

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a health problem or disease to explore in detail by using a descriptive epidemiologic approach

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

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Descriptive Epidemiology on cancer
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Descriptive epidemiology is an approach that normally analyzes a health problem or disease pattern by summarizing conditions based on persons, place and time. However, the activity of analyzing is conducted through data collection whereby the epidemiologists are able to comprehend the health status of a given population. Therefore, a hypothesis about the causes of the disease or disorder is generated that inform the relevant bodies which involves planning and evaluation. However, this research paper develops an insight on the descriptive epidemiology of cancer disease which its chronic conditions have an impact in the population in terms of its acute social and economic effects. Cancer is a chronic disease which is a global burden that currently records the highest morbidity and mortality rate across developed and developing countries.
Nature of the cancer disease
Cancer is not just one disease, but it is a used to refer to many diseases that are related. Therefore, in all type of cancers, they occur when a mutation causes some body’s cells to be abnormal and begin to divide uncontrollably and spreading in the surrounding body tissues. Basically, cancer is normally considered as a disease of genes which are found in the DNA a body’s cell hence these genes carries the transporters of the proteins that provides the whole body with the ener…

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