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A good man is hard to find by O’Conner

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A Good Man is hard to find by O’Connor
Many are the time one thinks he/she has friends only to come to learn that they are the worst enemies. In many cases, people assume the actions of their friends due to the deeds they see each day and hence forcing someone to make an assumption that all people are good depending on what they do each day or even how they relate to others. However, most people fail to understand that the good deeds of someone may be a way of enticing them to the worst experiences of their lives. Research shows that most people have been killed or harmed by people they know well and trust. They turn abruptly and without knowing they become heartless to an extent of harming their friends or even their family members. It is shocking how people are increasingly becoming inhuman; people commit crimes each day without minding the welfare of their fellow friends. However, the world has changed and hence becoming a place of worry and misfortunes. People are living with fear as they do not know who to trust. It is thus important to understand the issues O’Connor tried to analyze in his book “A Good Man is hard to find” on the basis of gender and class in historical, political, social or cultural context.
O’Connor shows how a whole family is murdered by someone they all know. Before the story ends, the grandmother who is the mother to Bailey tries to convince the family not to go to Florida; the city had many cases of insecu…

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