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A good case study on building a brand from local to internatonal( Relating to b2b marketing)

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A good case study on building a brand from local to internatonal( Relating to b2b marketing)

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Marketing

Level: Masters

Pages: 5

Words: 1375

A Case Study on Equity Bank
A Case Study on Equity Bank
Taking a walk down the memory lane, one realizes that all nations that managed to build global entities had to stretch their reach beyond their geographical borders to achieve that (Ngai, 2015). Public information available on the internet reveals that past empires were built following “colonial conquests” (Ngai, 2015). However, after World War II, the trend changed to one that follows trade and investments (Ngai, 2015). After this period, bank customers gained more access to funds than they had before. Banks shifted from their previous “supply-led” nature to their current “demand-led” view to respond to these “socioeconomic changes.” (Abishua, 2010). The Banking industry in Kenya went through a similar phenomenon following the country’s economic and political liberalizations in the 1990s (Abishua, 2010). The bank managers in the Kenyan banking sector today face a dynamic and complex environment. This situation is exemplified by intensely competitive moves between competitors to try and gain advantages over other competitors as well as wipe out any advantages they have over them. Equity bank, like few other local banks, has stepped up the competition to a level that international banks such as Ecobank and Barclays find themselves hawking their services in Kenya. The paper herein talks about the path that Equity Bank followed right from its startup days to date and the various trick…

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