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a global analysis of culture

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a global analysis of culture

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A Global Analysis of Culture
Culture is a means of need for every human being dwelling on the face of this earth. A similar reflection of it can be seen in Alex Thio’s essay on “A Global Analysis of Culture”. The chapter was originally published in his book, “Sociology: A Brief Introduction” in 1999. The core idea of the essay is to address different culture universals together with cultural clash and aspects of cultural relativism.
Like any other biological necessity, culture is also a human need that includes different aspects of “clothing, complex communications, peaceful coexistence, and aesthetics and spiritual experiences” (Smoke 80). For doing that, there are a number of means including development of housings, music, literature, art forms, languages and symbols.
Nevertheless, these universals are quite different because of difference in culture all around the world. Examples of different religions as outlined by Huntington include Western, Japanese, Confucian, Slavic-Orthodox, Islamic, Latin American, African and Hindus. Hence, these religions together with other norms constitute a culture. Nevertheless, the very same culture is also responsible for a number of conflicts too. For that Huntington has observed that the international conflict is no longer due to different in political and economic outlook; rather it is cultural in nature. He has also outlined three basic reasons that inc…

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