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A Formal short Essay to join the IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical and Computer Honor Society of the highest caliber)

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A Formal short Essay to join the IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu
The chance to become a member of IEE-HKN is very significant and interesting, and I suppose through my strong technical experience and little education experience I got as a junior year student in electrical engineering class, I will attain to a successful competitive candidate for this position. In every grade point average calculated in our class, I have always achieved excellent top grade. My position as a leader in a degree class of electrical engineering helps me to acquire the leadership skills and have a full understand and experience in learning and excelling in leadership. The key strengths that I enjoy for a success in this position include:
I will improve the services offered in IEE-Eta Kappa NU that will help them acquire life skills that will rust forever.
Good leadership training helps the student to learn leadership skills that allocate them for a famous position in industries and academic. This training I will make sure it available and well taught.
I will make sure that every excellent student is awarded in every awarding program calculated, this will help promote ad encourage the educational excellence within the student and increase the education competition.
I will come up with important changes, to ensure that all the needs of IEE-HKN member are fully met, the institution they serve, and the whole community.
Many of the campus are interested in forming the IE…

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