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A critical thinking paper that involves a movie and a book.

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A critical thinking paper that involves a movie and a book.

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Life

Level: College

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

These are two great pieces of art that were made up in the 20th Century; the film is one that came out in 1958, and the book is one which came up later on but did actually get to catch the attention of the society. From that time, they have been regarded as two great pieces of art; they never get old as they did get to describe the society so well. Some of the issues that came out in this two pieces are still contentious even in the current society as well. It is so amazing regarding how they have managed to retain their relevance all the way up to this time in the society. They are all still considered to be representing even the current society as well. They were made then but then they are still relevant, and even they may still end up being relevant to the society in the 22nd Century and all the way up to all other centuries. All those issues that can be pointed out from the said pieces of art are still being experienced and it is so amazing as to how much reflection the writers of the same could have had at that time such that their works are still considered to be very great even up to date as well. These two pieces of art have had the capability to show the current society that is the right path that they should take and which one is the wrong one that they need to make sure that they avoid at all costs.
How effective greed is when presented majestically in paintings and films and dialectically in fables and stories
The book brings in the aspect of greed coming out of the society; in as much as this set-up is made in a long time ago it is still something that the society that is there currently can witness that it is still there. At that time, there was some attestable greed among the Americans, and the situation has not changed till now. Most people would love to have something that they cannot afford and for that reason they will be more than just ready to do anything so as to be able to salvage their situation. The presentation of greed as an evil thing in the society in the book shows how effective greed has been presented majestically in the field of art.
The book had been trying to point out greed to be one major cause of several sins occurring in the society. It is also very evident that even in the current society, there is nothing more that is killing all of us other than greed. Most of the people would like to have something that they have not worked for nor can they afford at that time. This is the point for which greed has made most of the people to reach currently. In this society, people are simply living beyond their means, and that can be seen from proof as well (Tickle, 2004). All that most of the people are trying to do is to have a life that reflects what others are having in the neighborhood, and this is not helping the society at all. The society that was being referred to the society can be seen even in the present, and that is the more reason as to why I would refer this book to be a clear reflection of the current society. In the event that the society keeps on moving towards this direction, then it would be very clear that even in the next century the situation would still be the same. Greed is still a sin just as it was in the book, but then it is one major sin that the society tries to treat as if it was something right. People are simply trying to have things that they cannot afford, and it does not actually matter what they will do to simply have those things and that is the position where greed has left most people; a point where they have to commit some wrongs for them to solve majority of their problems as such (Tickle, 2004).
Other ways greed becomes the most political of sins and how Houston presents the presents the aspects of greed in the film
The book talks about the aspect of committing sins in the society; it has tried to trace how far greed can not only lead to minor sins but can lead to someone committing major sins. In my critical view, this is a very true position, greed can lead someone to try anything possible just for them to be able to afford what they would like to have. This is the major reason as to why the author had also stated about the opposition that Paul stated regarding the effect of greed on the society. Even to the apostle, he found nothing absolutely positive from greed; all that he had seen was the dark life that greed can lead one into. To Paul greed causes so many other things because greed leads into one wanting to do things the way all other people are trying to do as well (Tickle, 2004). In the long run, one would end up committing major sins just for them to be able to get what they think they are worth in the society as such. I support this position that the author has taken because when one looks at most of the greedy people in the society, they are always seen to be living very desperate lives, and this is all caused by the pressure that they do fall in while trying to make sure that they do meet the so-called societal demands and pressure from others. Greed is something that can lead to so many problems because it has the power to convince one to commit sins so easily. The society today is even emulating more on what had been stated at the time; most members of the society are very greedy and would not want to have things on the right paths. They simply want things at all costs, they just want all that they can get hold of and as a result of this amount of greed they mess up so much by forcing themselves to have what they cannot actually afford thus ending up to commit crimes just to be able to have the things they want as such.
Houston gets to portray greed in the movie by bringing in a show of laziness and poverty in the society; in as much as the movie is made several years back it shows some of the characters that are able to be seen even in this current society as well. Dobbsie who identifies himself as a great hustler; has very unkempt hair and looks so shaggy goes ahead to place a bet but then loses that bet. When he gets to the streets he tries to look for someone who could be able to afford him a meal for the day. He looks for Americans in the street and tries to persuade them to save him just for the reason that he had been of American origin as well. This is a clear show that the behavior of oneness amongst the Americans is not also a recent thing, it is something that has always been their and that is the mere reason as to why it has also come out in the movie.
How Greed turns all the three prospectors to scavengers
The Aspect gets to be put out in the paper by showing the three prospectors fight for the same things in the society, thereby making them turn to be scavengers. Scavengers are the same as the greedy members of the society; they will always make sure that they get to look at the slightest opportunity for them to get hold of what they think they need to do as such.
How Greed leads to the unfortunate victimization and death of Cody
This is seen at the point in time when he had been the fourth American who appeared at the time and as a result of Greed the three decided to kill him. They try to do this because they do now want him to spur any form of competition in the field. They would like him to remain as silent as possible, and they do not see any other solution that would favor them better other than just opting to kill him in turn. All this is as a result of greed; it led to the fear of competition thus leading the three persons into taking pistols and terrorizing Cody to death as well.
How Howard succeeds to play the role of the maternal pretender
His success in this role is seen when he goes to the village to assist the village boy who was sick at the time and then decides to leave his goods with Curtin and Dobbs calls upon him. These goods become a major source of conflict between the two; this is something that he knew very well it will come to but then just does so intentionally to try and create a conflict between the two. He pretends to be a very good person and even assists a child; something that earns him honor of the tribe that finally adopts him as such.
The films powerful ending
No other ending could be as powerful as how the movie ends with Dobbie having died after being mugged by some bandits, but then they think that the bags that he had been carrying were simply holding some sand soil but then it had gold in them. Howard and Curtin, later on, locate the place where the gold had dropped and find some sacks empty and assume that most likely the winds must have drawn them away.
Reference to the Haywain
The Haywain is a picture of three horses getting to pull one cart; with regard to the film this picture had been of great importance to show how much three individuals can get united to commit even an evil act just as the three had been united throughout the whole text. The picture gets to show how much unity could work out to produce the best of the best.
The big fish ending up eating the small fish and the big fish eaten by bigger fish
The bandits can be said to be the big fish who attacked Dobs (the small fish) and in the long run, they are caught up by the law (the bigger fish) and are sentenced to death. It has been clear that the big fish who think that they can simply just get to be eating the small fish also get to see other bigger fish who do not stop at anything until they get to eat them as well.
Startling epiphanies discovered
One of the startling epiphanies that have been discovered is the effect of greed on the society. Greed is something that comes up in the society through so much admiration for something that one would like to have. This is something that is seen in both texts; parties would like to have something that cannot they cannot afford but then they would like to do even the impossibility to make sure that they have that thing. This is something that is even manifesting in the current society; there are very many people that would like to have things that they cannot afford; as a result, they end up trying to force things to go in their line as such.
Work Cited
Traven, B. (1967). The treasure of the Sierra Madre. Macmillan.
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