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A CAT Company [Data Analysis & Processes]

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A CAT Company [Data Analysis & Processes]

Category: Essay

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Level: Masters

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A CAT Company – Data Analysis and Processes
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Company Overview
The A-CAT Company is a medium scale electrical appliance company. Based in India, the company specializes in design, development, and distribution of domestic electrical appliances. The company, as a result of the global expansion, has owned and managed two different manufacturing units located in a location known as Gondia based in India. The company has remained in operation since 1986 and as a result, it has managed to employ a total of 40 permanent employees. The most functional units and departments A-CAT include; design, manufacturing, purchasing department, and sales departments. Given the ever-changing manufacturing landscape, A-CAT operations manager deals with the dynamic work processes. This task requires the integration of data analysis tools and techniques to address fundamental shifts in work processes and to also make an accurate forecast or prediction of the future.
Statistical Tools and Data Analysis
The statistical analysis system [SAS] is a tool for quantitative data analysis mostly used by global enterprises to generate annual reports, business planning, graphics, forecasting, project management and quality improvement. As an appropriate tool for both the intermediate and the advanced businesses, the statistical tool has the ability to manipulate data and identify common trends in terms of demand and consumption (Crossman, 2017). What makes t…

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