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A boy named Chris

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A boy named Chris

Category: Article

Subcategory: Visual Arts

Level: High School

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Words: 275

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Chris is a tall and skinny boy. His height is compared to that of a giraffe. When in a group of his age mates you can locate him from far due to his height as he stands taller than everybody else. His body is skinny and slender, with long legs and arms that match his height. His fingers are long and thin. Some of his classmates mock him for being skinny and view him as being weak physically. Although Chris is tall and skinny, he is a very handsome boy. His handsomeness compares to that of a prince charming. Everyone likes Chris and girls, in particular, are attracted to him due to his handsomeness. Chris’s complexion is light, neither too pale nor red. It is this complexion that makes him, even more, handsome and unique to other boys of his age.
When it comes to his personality, Chris is a boy who is very sharp and intelligent; he is as smart as a whip. Chris is always a top performer in school and is adored by other boys in school. By the way he carries himself; it is a clear indication of how smart he is and is always consulted by others when it comes to academic matters. He also possesses a funny side to his personality and makes people around him happy and cheerful. Chris is just like a cheerleader due to his funny side. Many of Chris’s friends like to spend time with him and love to listen to his funny jokes. Sometimes his funny character can get him into trouble, but due to his smartness Chris has learned the right…

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