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479 Final Essay Question

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479 Final Essay Question

Category: Classification Essay

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: Academic

Pages: 1

Words: 550

Final Question
The prohibition of drugs done through sumptuary regulation or religious decree is a mutual means of struggling to inhibit the recreational usage of the banned drugs. While certain drugs are prohibited from having, many administrations control the production, distribution, promotion, trade and use of specific drugs done by a treatment system. The most extensively banned stuff comprise of psychoactive substances though blanket proscription also spreads to particular steroids and further substances. Several regimes do not forbid the ownership of a restricted amount of particular drugs for individual use, however still barring their auction or production, or ownership in large measures.
Today, most persons in the illegal substance trade are small-scale capitalists. Enthusiasts of the drug combat often propose that abolition of the presently large-scale manufacturers and suppliers would have a permanent blanket outcome on drug production and distribution. Illegal alcohol and substance production are decentralized and democratized. Prohibition administrations incline to be a gain to systematized crime. However, they also result in escalation in total activities of illegal manufacture and supply (Murphy, Waldorf, and Rein Arman 1991). The result of drug activities tends to be a move toward fabrication of more concerted forms of hallucinogenic substances. Acknowledgment of such inclinations has seen the drug war embrace alternative re…

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