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3 to 4 paragraph response to question from article by Amy Tan/Mother Tongue.

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Response to Question from Article by Amy Tan/Mother Tongue
Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue is about the about the different “Englishes’’ that exist in her world. While tan uses classification, she desists from identifying distinct categories. Instead, she sorts out the two classes of English without assigning them a label. The two “Englishes” are the English she learned at school and the “limited” or “broken” English, which she uses to communicate with those around her, particularly her mother and her husband.
The various “Englishes” are important to Tan in the sense that they help her paint her life as a non-native speaker. As she vividly recounts, the manner in which her mother spoke English frequently got in the way of what she sought to communicate. This was not because she was unable to express her wishes or ideas, but because on most occasions, her audience did not listen to the content of her communication because they were aroused to anger or impatience by the form of her language. In other words, people were quick to pass judgment on what she said based on how she said it.
Tan’s life largely revolved around how she employed the two “Englishes.” She had to use “broken” English when communicating with her mother, and proper English while at school. When Tan decided to become a writer, she was greatly discouraged because English was not her first language and the oddities of the language (which confounded na…

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