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2010 Bp oil spill and impacts on environment and local communities

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Effects of the BP Oil Spill on the Environment and Local Communities
It is quite a difficult responsibility to estimate the effects that any oil spill has on the environment or local communities, especially to the magnitude of the British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon. The difficulty is occasioned by numerous reasons: first the economic structure of the United States does not place any value on the death or damage of wildlife; second, it is challenging to estimate the exact physical ecosystems services that are compromised when sections of the ecology such as marshes die from oil spillage. Additionally, even though there are immediate and obvious repercussions to the spillage that can be measured today, there will be continuing, understated effects that are only starting to be recognized. For instance, some species of fish in Alaska only started to crash after three years after the Exxon-Valdez spill.
However, information about the initial environmental damages resulting from the BP spill is not available, including the economic consequence of the spill; and a few estimations of the economic destruction by previous enormous spills. For instance, claims for compensation against Gulf Coast Claims Facility are a representation of a small part of lost earnings of residents who earned a means of livelihood from the Gulf as fishermen or from the ruin of tourism. Payments made to the administration by British Pe…

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