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2 ‘“Why would banks give credit cards to students who have, at best, limited income?

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Why would banks give credit cards to students who have, at best, limited income?
Credit cards are common sources of capital that enable people to realize their desires. They also offer the much-needed support during financial difficulties (Russell 34). Banks usually offer credit cards to employed individuals so as to be able to pay for the charges as well as settle their loans. Various credit card providers have lowered the maximum amount earned to qualify for a credit card. Some providers also accept unemployed individuals to apply for credit cards. In addition, several banks offer credit cards to students with limited or no income. This paper, therefore, seeks to discuss some of the reasons why banks issue credit cards to a student who have no source of income.
Despite being unemployed, students might have some sources of income especially from their parents, guardians or financial support from any source. Banks issue credit cards based on the students sources of income (Russell, 22). Most students receive educational funds to cater for tons of their personal and educational needs. Therefore, the bank groups such student as not employed but have a source of income through which they can settle their loans and pay for their credit charges. Moreover, there are students who might not be employed but have other sources of income like participating in community jobs where they are given a small amount for upkeep.
By considering different…

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