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2 Jobs and an Internship

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2 Jobs and an Internship

Category: Narrative Essay

Subcategory: Public Relations (PR)

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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Two Jobs and an Internship
Question Two
Internship Job Description
According to a public relations internship job, there are several interesting reports that I found appealing. One is supposed to brainstorm creative ideas and fulfill the client needs and opportunities. Having a good relationship with people before, I feel that this job description fits well what I am capable of doing. I can write and distribute news/press releases and other PR materials. This job description requires one to participate in client meetings that I have experience before and developing new creative ideas to team development meetings.
As I have been an active social media player, the description of creating social media content marketing campaigns entirely favored me as I had the required skills to manage my clients. I can also access media monitoring platforms and create media summaries of customer coverage as required in the job description. Finally, I have the skills to assist account managers with development of PR calendars, research and media contact lists.
Public Relations Job Position One
According to the job description on an Admissions Assistant at Purcell Marian High School, one is required to have several skills: Outstanding communications skills, strong organization skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office, work with Admissions Data Software and admissions website and other communication platforms. Having possessed several skills indicated above, I feel that this post works well for my job desire. For the several skills I have not yet adapted to, like working with admissions data software, I will link up with any personnel in the office to assist me in understanding the usage of the software as well as taking several pieces of training from online classes.
One is required to keep Admissions Website up to date, return Admission phone calls and increase the communication with prospective families. Despite not having knowledge in the use of Admissions Data Software, I feel that once I get acquainted with the relevant skills. This job description will be favorable to my situation, and I will work to the specifications of the client. I can assist with event planning and student recruitment, coordinate mailings to prospective students and families and maintain and update the prospective student database. This job description favors my decision of becoming a public relations admission assistant as I have generated data reports for admissions before.
Public Relations Job Description Two
Scripps Gerontology Center-Miami University requires an Associate Director for Communications and Public Relations. According to this job posting, one is required to supervise the staff that supports communications and public relations activities. Having communication and public relations skills, I feel that this is the right job position for me. One is also required to implement communications activities as defined by the Scripps strategic plan and also review and update a strategic plan for the expanded use of technology and social media. The job description seems favorable and comfortable to me as I am social media platform key player. I can coordinate with external and internal media outlets; work in collaboration with the staff at the University Communications as required and in an appropriate manner.
One is also required to have an oversight of the website’s effectiveness and improvements. Under the public relations panel, one is required to develop relations materials, produce annual newsletter and reports as well as formulating and overseeing the production of promotional materials such as fliers, booklets, photos, videos and PowerPoint representations. I have an experience in promotional disciplines and can work well with minimum supervision and maximum collaboration. Finally, I can plan and implement public events, create them and post the event publicly as per the requirement in the job description.
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