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15 peer-reviewed sources: developing and performing a learning needs analysis

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15 peer-reviewed sources: developing and performing a learning needs analysis

Armstrong, A., & Foley, P. (2003). Foundations for a learning organization: organization learning mechanisms. The Learning Organization.

The authors explain the learning process in organizations and entail the skills required in the event of learning. They underpin different processes that are involved when organizations learn and how they can succeed in the pursuit of knowledge and skills. According to them, there are four basic tenets that are required during learning which are the identification of an organization’s needs, learning mechanisms, the foundations to be established, and the application of the learning needs in the workplace. They succeed in the quest to understand organizations by applying research in different organizations in Australia.
The authors are aware of the requirements of learning and provide basic tenets of learning with ease. They are forthcoming in their methods of research as they make use of subjects who are already working for organizations. Their information is informative and presented in a coherent manner which can be understood easily by newcomers in the field.
Aviram, A., Ronen, Y., Somekh, S., Winer, A., & Sarid, A. (2008). Self-Regulated Personalized Learning (SRPL): Developing iClass’s pedagogical model. eLearning Papers, 9(July), 1-17. Retrieved from www.elearningpapers.eu

The article provides information on personalized learning and presents its…

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